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Multi Dimensional Artist 👩🏻‍🎨 Fine Art•Bodypainting•Makeup•Educator•Livestreamer 

I have been Livestreaming everyday for the past 8years on Periscope/Twitter 1.5yrs on on now on TwitterLive and soon I will be doing Youtube Lives. I stream : Art Tutorials, Bodypainting, Makeup, Events, Travel and Coffee ☕️ chats. You can also find me on YouTube/Instagram/Twitch/TikTok .  You can also join my #ArtistsOnTwitter community and TwitterSpaces to connect with other like minded people and learn about Art/NFTs/Metaverse/Livestreaming/Audiospaces/Marketing/Community building/Mindfulness and so many things.  Art materials & equipment as you know are expensive, and us creatives need any help we can get. Our time and expertise as content creators is valuable, Every coffee ☕️ donated goes towards that, your support will allow me to continue sharing my knowledge, entertain & inspire you. Big thanks to everyone that has already bought me coffees ☕️☕️🙏🏻❤️ I appreciate it.

Your support is what keeps me going🙏🏻