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Adobe Photoshop has been the industry’s gold standard for over decades, and still remains that way. There has to be no surprise this would be on my site THEBESTOFTHEBEST.SITE 

I have used it for years as a photographer for photo editing for various reasons, such as promotional flyers, website photos, school projects for my kids, t-shirt designs, the bottom line is that it is a monster of a program with a huge variety of applications. I don’t not claim to be an expert on how to use this program and if you have never used it there is a lot to learn, so don’t think this is an app or a quick one click solution. This is a powerful program that gives you the maximum ability to custom edit on all levels of a photo, from the root of info to to the top image you view, layers and mask, selection tools, levels, keyboard shortcuts and so much more. I will have sites to teach you the best way to use it at the bottom of this blog. Here is a sample from an artist on the Adobe Photoshop website, Ted Chin so you can see the amount of work he compiled into this image. 

*All rights listed on image and link embedded to article of artist listed. have posted tons of incredible photoshopped images, here is a link and a couple of images from their site. 

Check them out at 

Adobe is an automatic go to for just about anything digital for the last 20 years not just for photographers. Back in the day you could only purchase it and Just for the  Photoshop program for about 699-799.00 if my memory serves me correctly. Now for only a monthly subscription that varies, here is a link for a variety of packages for the individual, business, students, and educational services. 

As a photographer I use the 9.99 per month option for Photoshop and Lightroom , plus 10.00 for Illustrator, or you can get all the apps Adobe offers at only 52.99 per month, student and teachers get an even greater discount. So I am of the opinion that the subscription service is better than the buy model of years past and a bargain on any subscription level. So for all soon to be new Graphic Designers, Digital Artist, Magazine Editors, Photographers, Videographers, Hobbyist, Content Creators, this is the tools and education you need, to bring your creations to life.


*All rights listed on image and link embedded to article of artist 1.listed.

*not an affiliate of Adobe but wish to be.

Quick disclosure, I created my  THEBESTOFTHEBEST Logo with Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop from my iPad. 

As mentioned above I wanted to provide a few places that could teach you how to use the above programs.

  1. Phlearn is an incredible photoshop educational resource and for the about the same cost as a monthly subscription for an Adobe product you can learn how to use it, 99.99 per year. Or go to YouTube for free lessons. 

  2. PIXimperfect also a YouTube resource for free.

  3. KelbyOne not only is an online educational resource for only 9.99 per month to gain access to over 800 video tutorials they also have a YouTube channel at 

  4. Photoshop Training Channel is also a free resource on … guessed it YouTube!

  5. Creative Live - educational website covering a wide variety of subjects in photography, entrepreneurship, self-improvement art and design and others. this is a link to their subscription page, You can pay per lesson or get the pass to everything. All created by industry leaders and icons.

  6. Adobe- Adobe also offers training courses right from each program to get you off on the right creative footing.

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