SmugMug, Google, or External hard drive for Photo Storage?

I know if you are a photographer you have seen SmugMug before, but those of you who don’t know this is one of many sites you can upload and share your photo. SmugMug can be used as a Photo storage system/device but is that and so much more. And so I am clear I am a proud affiliate of Smugmug so this post does contain a few affiliate links.  But where can you: 

  • upload UNLIMITED full resolution images files, 

  • have a personalized website, 

  • with Privacy controls, 

  • Free desktop and mobile app, 

  • and 24/7 support from a Real Human called superheroes.  

  • For only $7/Month  

  • or if you pay annually $55 per year, saving 35%.  *bring the cost per month to ONLY $4.58 PER MONTH. 

  • this is just the start, the BASIC, Entry level Plan


Google Photos is commonly used as a storage system and used to advertise Unlimited downloads and storage for free for a lifetime! Or is it really FREE? That is what the Advertisement promoted at AMC (Apes Strong-To the Moon) Movie theater years ago, waiting for my movie to start and is why I started uploading our personal cell phones photos and a backup drive. They have incredible face recognition  software and search so you can sort and look for anyone. But at what cost, privacy is a thing of the past i know. Information is the New Oil and the more information they gather the more money potential they can sell. More power they harness, but now there is a cap of only 15GB and then you have to pay $2 month for 100GB

Professional and consumer cameras, phone, video devices are all 4k and moving up. My wife burns through the videos and storage so In my estimation we are getting close to a conservatice 1-Terabyte of storage on all our devices. 1000GB is equal to 1TB of storage, or 20.00 per month, or $240.00 a year. 

Seagate has an External HDD at 49.99 as I am writing the blog. (for a backup i guess you can get two. 99.98) for you Tech or speed freaks 1Tb SSD is only 149.00. 

BUT for only 4.58 per month (Annual Plan) you have an unbreakable storage (which has redundant back systems, Unlimited Storage, privacy, 24/7 Human support, a personalized website, and a desktop  and mobile app to view and show off your photos from anywhere in the world. 

FOR only 30.00 more per year you get all that and Drag and drop design tools and templates, Complete Website customization, Advanced privacy and security controls and a personalized domain name.  ONLY $85/per year,  7.08 per month. Netflix cheapest plan is 7.99 but you can only watch dvds or blu ray, no comparison to photo storage websites or service/devices. Just a real life comparison on value.  For less the Netflix cheap plan you could be a Power Subscriber at Smugmug with a website and all the photo storage at your disposal.

  • Professionals that want to Integrate Sales and fulfilment tools, watermark protection. Only $200/year.  

  • Next Level Professionals that want Custom photo gallery pricing, Client management tools, with Marketing Promotions, coupons, and packages. Only 360/year. 

Comparisons would be as follows

Google storage  

  • at 1TB per year, 

  • with mobile and desktop apps to access all you photos,

  • Facial recognition and search

  • Sharing information 

  • Privacy concerns

  • No Human 24/7 support

  • No website

  • No integrated sales

  • No Client management tools

  • Should I keep going?

External Storage

  • No website

  • Access from your phone

  • No website

  • Theft, fire, backup, and crash concerns

  • Not unlimited storage

  • No Human 24/7 support

  •  your own storage devices, or SmugMug, I see only one way I would go. 

  • Offer very little else. 





  • Unlimited, FULL-resolution storage

  • Personalized photo website

  • Detailed privacy and security controls

  • Free desktop and mobile apps

  • 24/7 support from real humans


  • Drag and drop design tools and templates

  • Complete website customization

  • Advanced privacy and security controls

  • Personalized domain name


  • Integrated sales and fulfillment tools

  • Watermark protection


  • Custom photo and gallery pricing

  • Client management tools

  • Marketing Promotions, coupons, and packages

SmugMug Breakdown

  • Basic        $7/month    Or $55/year      Save 35% by paying Annually

  • Power      $11/month   Or $85/year      Save  36% by paying Annually

  • Portfolio  $27/month   Or $200/year    Save 38% by paying Annually

  • Pro          $42/month    Or $360/year    Save 29 % by paying Annually 

Best unlimited cloud-based photo storage.

If you want unlimited cloud storage for your photos at a single fixed price with incredible photo protection, SmugMug is that place for you.   

If you feel like I do and SmugMug is that place for you please click my affiliate link the photo and check them  

One low price—every photo.