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Hello, there. I’m an archaeologist who uses remote sensing and geophysical methods to identify human behaviour in the past. I’ve published widely on these subjects and have recently written ‘The Six’, a book about the lives of six IRA soldiers that were killed in 1922 during Ireland’s Civil War, a group that came to be memorialised as ‘Sligo’s Noble Six’. 

I’ve also published research on the 1798 Battlefield of Vinegar Hill and the 1644 English Civil War Battlefield of Cheriton. 

I’ve enjoyed a 20-year career in the public and private heritage sectors in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain, Italy and Norway. My work has covered all archaeological periods including Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites in Ireland and the U.K., Neolithic henge monuments at Stonehenge, the Roman harbour of Portus, Viking settlements at Ireland and Norway, garden archaeology, upland surveys across Welsh mountains, and Second World War air raid shelters in Ireland and Britain. 

I’ve lived in Ireland since 2002, and in County Sligo since 2016.