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BookTalks is a new, calm entry point to knowledge, inspiration and new viewpoints.

BookTalks was born from our desire to load up on inspiration through talks on fresh ideas. There are a lot of books we wish we have read - with little time, and sometimes (to be honest) even less patience to actually get through the ever-growing list.

On the other hand, we wanted to escape the high noise-to-signal ratio news sites, link aggregators, and the harmful, compulsive behaviour we developed by using them.

We always enjoyed authors presenting their own ideas, ways of thinking first-hand, much more than the usually dry third-party book summary apps you can subscribe to.

These videos convey the core ideas and concepts more concisely then the books, without loosing depth.

So a new dose of inspiration every Monday and Thursday, on wide ranging topics from Philosophy to Entrepreneurship, from Science to Art.

We hope you enjoy it,
Mark and Daniel

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I read while walking (walk while reading?), I admit it.  But here in Canada I must switch to podcasts and audiobooks come November or so, and it seems I don't get the time to do the deep dive in all the subjects worthy of it.  So this is a great idea.  Once my Christmas break starts, I plan to convert a couple of your listings to mp3 and delve right in.  Thanks, and keep up the effort!

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Thanks for the support!

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Keep up the good work. 

Thank you!