You can tell by the title what this article is about, right?

Today's topic is about creepy men and their mentality when told you are not of the age to be dating THEM. Don’t tell me just tell them “No.” because it never works, they are called creepy men for a reason. Now, a respectable man would never force you to date him even if you were the same age as him.

Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon a reel of a girl who officially became 18, sharing she does not have any more excuses such as telling them she is only 16, which is a legal age to be dating. The reel itself did not annoy me. There was a comment “I would look 16 when I will be 26. So, it's a Win for me.” to which I replied according to my experience, “sadly, it's not a win they would say you are legal as if you are not a woman but a drug.”

The Original Comment did not annoy me either but the reply I got from another person, said. “It is true you are legal, you state your age as if it’s a crime to date you.” I read the reply and read the reel as it has been days since I commented so I forgot what it was about.

When I realized what this was about I told them, they missed the point of the reel, which was to keep creepy men away. Also, I keep my @ off because I am a fan page, and they kept on annoying me with keep your @ on, like who the hell are you to tell me what to do with my account’s settings? With your 2 followers.

My Instagram handle is @vminkook_sope-namjin. Even if you are not familiar with these names at least you were able to read what it says right? Their handle was @Twr3 or something of the sort and they replied to me “Nah. The fuck is your user anyway.” I thought in my mind This bitch is really gonna ask me this question when I should be asking it. I did not want to argue with a dumb person, so I blocked their account to keep my sanity.

Anyway, this happened and this person’s mentality is so bad that you would scratch your head till it bleeds. I got the idea of making this post to say,

It does not fucking matter if a person is legal or not. When you are told “No.” you should have gotten the hint. Being legal does not give anyone, man or woman the right to force someone to date.

It is a legal age to date, not a legal age to be assaulted or get into a relationship forcefully.