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At Braniff Airways Foundation, we work to protect, preserve & build upon the colorful legacy Braniff created.  Our efforts to re-create the First Class  section of a Boeing 747 as Braniff might do today is well underway but a costly venture.  

We have the walls, functional 747 door, & lavatory established.  As well, we have vintage 747 First Class seats re-upholstered from Braniff's original Argentinian leather company!  But we need 2 more sets to complete the exhibit. 

We have found 2 very rare sets available for sale we could like to purchase and restore to complement the 2 we restored a few years ago.  This will complete the seating for the exhibit.  The display is modular and is being designed to break down into sections for transport to museums & other facilities to help educate the public.  Please join our efforts by "Buying a Pound of Fuel" to boost the work!

Braniff Airways Foundation

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