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Kate bought a coffee.

Loved this most recent episode (72). It's been so confusing to hear about so many other states continuing their flight training / flying - and so helpful to hear the thought process behind closing down a school. Great episode! Thanks!

Nathan McDonough bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for the response, thanks for the shout out on episode 070, and props for pronouncing my name correctly! As promised, here is a small gesture of appreciation from yours truly. Nathan

Glad I got it right! Thank you Nathan.

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Brooks bought 5 coffees.

Great podcasts Brandon! I’m out of RNM recently completed my IFR so may have interacted with you on the radio while in your areas 😀. Keep up the great work. 

Brooks, Thank you so much for the Coffees! I really appreciate your support. Make sure to say hi next time you're out flying! BG

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Colm, Thank you for your support! Listen for a shoutout on the next Episode! BG