If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. - Mark 3:24-25 NIV

The same can also be said to a nation, a nation divided against itself cannot stand.

There has never been a time where our country is divided as it is now. Those on the left throw barbs at the current administration while those on the right defend it to the core.

We can see this in social media and some of us may have faced the brunt of attack from the opposing end. Others may have blocked their closest friends all because of differing opinions on how government should and should not be ran.

However, as Christians, how should we react and behave?

There's a story of a man in the bible, a great man of God who lived in perilous times and was also under the authority of a tyrant and his name is Daniel.

Daniel was a victim of the worst crisis ever. His nation was torn down by an enemy so vicious. He was captured and led in exile to a country not his own - Babylon.

He was trained and then called to serve the very country and the very king instrumental to their nation's demise - the tyrant Nebuchadnezzar.

He could have complained...Even rebelled...
BUT not so...

Instead, he grew in wisdom that he was promoted and made to serve under the counsel of the king.

The king issued an edict that could end his and his friends' lives.

He could have complained...
Resign his position...
Even rebelled... tyranny at its finest!
BUT not so...

He went about his business and prayed to God as always even though his life hanged on the balance.

He was sentenced to death! But not a word of disgust or hatred came out of his lips...

He had every reason to show hatred.
He had every reason to show disgust.

He could just lashed out at everyone - more so the king, now that he was on the verge of death.

BUT not so...

He accepted his fate without grumbling or complaining.

A peculiar man indeed this Daniel!

God in a miracle came to his defense and rescued him from death!

Shall I tell about his story with the next king he served under? How God rescued him again when he was thrown down a lion's den?

His life again was threatened by another self-serving edict issued by the king.

He could have complained... resign his position... or even rebelled...
BUT not so.

And AGAIN, GOD came to his defense!

And Daniel thrived! He served well beyond the end of each king's reign! He was held in high regard and respected.

What was the secret to his success?