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Brenda Ramos is a life & mindfulness guide, a movement facilitator, and a spirit-led, heart-centered, human-first entrepreneur. She holds certifications in life coaching, positive psychology coaching, and mindfulness meditation. Her specialization is helping creatives and quiet wild ones overcome self-doubt and feel safe as themself. After working with Brenda, her clients feel clearer on who they are and what they want in their life even while navigating the intense emotions that come with life’s natural seasons and cycles.

For nearly twenty years, Brenda taught hundreds of people worldwide to express their sexy side through salsa dance. Now, she helps her clients remember and reconnect to their unique purpose and rhythm in life. Her clients learn to trust and be guided by the inner wisdom they connect with through meditation, deep spiritual work, rest, and play. They become more able to appreciate the unique path that led them to this moment, create a clear picture of where they are going next, and take aligned action.