Whatever it is that you desire, it lives in you. You need no helper to give it to you. You need no ones permission. There is no where to go and nothing to do. You simply go within and see what you prefer. Affirm what you prefer. Any movement will be automatic and your movement will lead you to your desired end.

You and your desires are already one. You need only to give it your attention and to think thoughts of already having it, to see it appear and to experience it in its full manifestation in 3D. 

What have you got to lose by affirming and claiming the best for yourself? 

You’re creating all of it anyways so you might as well create something you enjoy. 

Select the version of reality you would like to experience. Whatever you hold in your thoughts you will inevitably experience in your physical reality. Everything you’re experiencing right this moment came from within you, it came from your subconscious. 

Know that you have the power to create it exactly as you prefer. Peace love joy health wealth abundance prosperity and deeply fulfilling relationships. You have the capacity for unimaginable joy in this 3D life experience. 

Go within and give yourself whatever TF you want... period! You are the power that animates your world and you do this with your thoughts. 💗🦋💗🌸🌸

Photo by @juliatreg