Hey guys!!

Thanks for stopping by my new BuyMeACoffee site. This is actually a new experience for me and I never expected to get on and make one today, but I've been down in the dumps and my friend Rob from ShutYerGob has been utilizing this tool as a sort of outlet for himself, and I really enjoy the idea and the posts he's been typing up.

I started a YouTube Channel on April 29th, 2020 with my bestfriend and we have since split channels, but it has been the single most incredible and trying time of my life. People on the outside will look at you and think you're crazy, Youtube is for children, that's not a real goal, etc etc etc. I say that if you have a dream then that's enough. If you have a dream and it's strong enough you should be able to put 100% of your energy into that dream, but why isn't it that easy?


I added a full stop there, because the people you surround yourself with become a piece of you. If you let negativity surround your mind, if you lack support, and you lack vision, how can you push past that? Human beings are creatures of their environment, people in general assimilate into their cultures, ideas, and values. We would all like to think we're capable of fighting back, but the reality is we're incapable of doing so. That's why all of those "success seminars" tell you that you need sacrifice in order to succeed, because I feel like at some point you will have to choose your goal, and your dream over the negative people who have become a, possibly even major, part of your life.


What if you just can't let go? What if they're extremely important to the way your life functions? What if they're your parent, your spouse, your bestfriend, your children? This is the majority of cases, and that's what makes it nearly impossible to ask people to just let go of negative people. So instead of that I'd like to encourage people to just say NO. Don't allow the negativity to infiltrate your mind. Keep in mind that you are allowed to say no, you are allowed to put yourself first, and you don't have to say no all of the time, but understand without saying NO some of the time, when it's most important to YOU, then you won't ever be able to take the turn towards the life you envision. Don't let someone else's opinion dictate what's important to you.


I'll see you soon,