Passwords are the doors to our virtual lives. With almost everything in our lives having an online presence, passwords are now as important as food, water, and shelter. Well maybe not THAT important, but vital, nonetheless. They not only guard the entrance to our family pics and funny cat memes stored in our social media account, but can facilitate aid to your kid in college who just texted you and needs you to Zelle them $50 from your bank account to help pay for their rent.

We have a few tips, and today we will share one of them. Stayed tuned for more!

Tip #1- Don’t reuse passwords!

Imagine an attacker’s paradise if they were able to get access to a person’s email and password from a Facebook hack, then use that same info on Bank of America’s site and gain access, and then try again with resounding success on an Amazon account. An attacker could have your entire identity (and funds) in a matter of hours. So please use unique passwords for all your accounts. No, it’s not easy, but well worth it!