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Tales of the British Isles is an irregular podcast telling tales from the folklore of British Isles, in a haphazard order, accompanied by some short discussion of the history and themes of the tales.

So far we've covered areas such as the original inhabitants of Britain (incestuous demon spawn, descended from a bunch of murderesses who were probably the good guys), the stories of Fionn MacCumhaill (at time of writing every hero is getting their own intro movie, but there's a "Fianna Assemble", ermm.. Fianna Form up? episode coming up shortly), the border Elves (the bad guys, but in an alluring sexy, stylish way), and many many more. 

This is a small scale project just trying to produce enjoyable stories, and perhaps introduce you to some stories that you haven't heard before. 

We've set up a donation after a couple of requests to donate and not wanting to look any gift horses in the mouth but also with the idea that we might be able to commission some original artwork of the best stories, generally help to keep the podcast a little more regular and perhaps push the rickety production values a little higher.

Any and all help is very gratefully received!

Tales of the British Isles, March 2020