My name is Brookelyn Elise, I'm a Mixed Media Collage Artist, sometimes Fiber Artist, and occasional sticker aficionado. A wild woman at heart, here you'll fine reoccurring nature, spiritual, and fantasy themes at play in my artwork.

Sounds a bit intense, huh?

Don't worry, I'll explain as we go along, and every collection of works is created under a unifying theme. The last theme was bees, titled appropriately 'Tell the Bee's', this upcoming theme is moths!

Too simple? No, we couldn't have that, now could we.

There is always a story to be told. And unlike an author, the images appear first, and the story begins to unfold after the fact. If you've joined me as a member, you'll get to view the collection before my Instagram followers, and be privy to the in-depth story.

I'm so excited to share my artistic journey with you!