Jul 29, 2022

Good people!

Apr 14, 2022

Mississippi Rolls On

Feb 22, 2022

Mississippi River Update

Hello Good People!Robert Robinson and I arrived home from our voyage of songwriting down the river about a month ago. We have had a few medical setbacks but... continue to meet and enjoy the uplifting and medicinal aspects of song and music. We cannot wait for May 22nd at Crooners. There we will debut these songs. We will get a simple CD done around the same time. Meanwhile, Saturday morning community singing continues... you should come! Perfection-Free at Kieran's Kitchen NE in... more

Jan 20, 2022

Home and... shhhhh

HOME! and beginning to edit and produce songs.Mark your calendar: River Songs, Sunday, May 22nd, 4pm, at CroonersHere's a little video explaining, Robert and Timothy

Jan 11, 2022

River Songs 5 NEW ORLEANS

Hello Team Mississippi!We made it! How glorious it was to stand on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans. We had a sunshine day. Brass bands were playing in the street. We ate some good food... and just took it all in. We have a number of songs still in the works... but we want to send you this one... it mentions YOU in the first verse, "friends been helping and I've been saving... I got the means to go to New Orleans." We wrote these words as our excited... more

Jan 10, 2022

River Songs #4... a Langston Hughes poem... put to music in a Baton Rouge Holiday Inn Expr

So this Langston Hughes poem came to us as we were driving down. I supplied a single chord and rhythm... Robert did the rest. Here is the link to a short video sample:​Flowingly,'Robert and Timothy​

August Harvest, Prickly Pandemic Blossoms and Community Harmony
September Harvest
River Songs are being created.
River Songs #2 vid. Eagle Says... Stay Close To The Source
Song Sample 3. Memphis Sunshine Blues