Kona coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. It’s known for its rich taste and unique flavor that delights coffee lovers. It’s only grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is why this coffee is so rare. Kona coffee was discovered in the early 1800s and farmers continue to rely on traditional farming methods that set the benchmark for the taste of this delicious coffee. Apart from its unique taste and flavor, Kona coffee is known for its large number of health benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

A shield against many diseases

Kona coffee is effective in acting as protection from several diseases. This list includes colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. Experts have observed the benefits of Kona coffee against these diseases and consider it most effective against Parkinson's. Drinking Kona coffee has been said to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson's disease by up to 80%. In addition, it can also lower the risk of skin cancer and Alzheimer's.

Improves your physical abilities

Many fitness enthusiasts believe that drinking coffee before their workout enhances athletic performance. This can be true as coffee contains caffeine, which increases your stamina and endurance. So if you're about to break a sweat in the gym, consuming a cup of 100% Kona coffee can help you achieve a highly productive session. Your energy levels increase first in response to ingesting the caffeine, then again after burning it off with more physical activity. Of course, there is no magic trick to losing weight quickly. Also, remember not to drink too much coffee late at night or before bed as the caffeine can cause insomnia.

Reduces the symptoms of asthma

It has been proven that caffeine improves airflow and allows your lungs to function properly and can be beneficial for patients in reducing severe asthma attacks. In addition, drinking Kona coffee can open up your bronchial airways, which helps you breathe freely. Hence, people suffering from severe breathing problems, like asthma, can get useful benefits from drinking Kona coffee, or any other coffee, regularly.

It offers beneficial antioxidants

Studies have shown that a cup of coffee, much like tea, offers incredibly beneficial antioxidants that help neutralize the environmental stressors we experience in our day-to-day lives. These antioxidants are fantastic for helping to fight off environmental free radicals known for causing  premature aging and increasing the risk of many diseases. In addition, within one given study’s assessment of a single cup of coffee there were approximately 300 phytochemicals present - all offering powerful anti-inflammatory properties which can remain in the body for up to an entire month.

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