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BuddiesKraft is a global Minecraft community of friendly passionate Minecrafters. We play together on BuddiesKraft servers and create Minecraft content.

Currently we are creating Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps & Videos for Minecraft. You may check our work on PMC and our official website. If you like the work, consider donating a little amount to support us.

We are putting a lot of effort and time to make things happen which you can download in a single click and enjoy. Your support will enable us to create even more content with even better quality.

You can make a one time payment with 'Support' tab on the right side or recurring payment with the 'Membership' tab on the left. If you subscribe for a membership, you unlock exclusive perks depending on the tier you select which include but not limited to exclusive Discord Role, Posts, Messages, Discounts, Behind the scenes & Early access.

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