Funny every year someone comes and says the following.

This morning why filling up gas a high school acquaintance waves and we shook hands .

He tells Paul I was thinking about you this weekend.. you know my daughter leqveon wednesday for college..

Its a huge step ..

You know he boyfriend will be their..

But he is not the aggressive type Paul , then laughed and say like you.

I'm looking at him and said aggressive or not a push over big difference.

He then says when do you have classes today for me to bring my daughter.. you forbyou to teach her a move or two.. For her to be prepared.

I laugh a move or two.. I said you still live down the street from my school correct

He nodded..

You know you had elementary, middle and high school where you could have brought her to my school..She would have been more than ready..

He replies with she was a dancing and softball.

I said the softball coach and dance instructor didn't they teach her how to defend herself?

I laugh and said and she has a beta as a male.

I laughed and said only when folks get there asses kicked, or see their friends get pummeled, or kids get bullied do they start wondering about training in martial arts..

He said Paul you are right we take thing for granted..

I told him when she get settled in call me and I'll refer Her to a place that good in that area.

And I parted ways..