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At the height of the Australia’s worst ever bushfire crisis in 2019-20, we noticed people were having difficulty accessing the information they needed to make critical decisions for themselves, their families and their businesses.

The best information at the time showed if a fire was in the area, but which way was the weather pushing it? What roads were closed? And what if you needed to know what was happening in another state or territory? Even fire fighters struggled with a complete picture of this essential information.

Our goal was simple, let’s fuse the data to provide one national view of the critical information people need to protect themselves and their property.

Over four weeks in January and February 2020 we pushed out over 100 different versions of We fixed bugs, ensured it worked on a variety of devices, stopped servers from being overloaded, improved loading speeds and worried about how we were going to fund it all. Above all, we read your feedback and rapidly added the new features you wanted. Our focus was to meet the needs of the public and firefighters – and that saw us become the go-to platform for bushfire information.