So I got my edits back from the editor I hired on reedsy. My children's story needs more work than I thought. Which is fine. I'm happy to fix it and give it a fresh look on adopting pets.

So for now I'll be editing it and is now a WIP story.

I'm going to try and incoprate the WHY we adopted Wendy, which may change the mood of the story to all happy/ fun to a bit sad/lonely then to happy/fun.

I've posted before on my elder cat Precious. To learn more check out the post "My Precious"

Another thing to note is my book, to the editor, is considered a concept book not a plotting book. So I'm going to try and develop it into a plotting book where Watson's learns to deal with the sadness and why adoption better than buying from a potential puppy/kitten mill or pet store.

Once I finish all of that, then I will go through my editor again to clean it up and have it ready for a publisher!

All support is welcomed and appreciated ❤❤

Thank you all!!