Just a thought for 2022

As the year comes to a close let's take a little time to look at what we've lost, that's usually what we do, the last two years have been hard for us all. we've all been dealing with this covid and the lockdowns, the quarantines, and the loss and sickness and death. The thing about it is when you have chronic illness loss sickness and even sometimes death is a daily occurrence. This is our life the world has been living the life of a chronic illness person. Most... more

Dec 19

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Take a look at the new additions to butterflychats.wordpress.com the newest episode of the Butterfly chats is uploaded and our newsletter is up and live. Don't forget to drop your email address so you wont miss all the goodies coming this holiday season.

Nov 16

To Error is human.. I am nothing but human for sure..
Hello, my butterflies, As the hip hop song goes. Blame it on the alcohol. well, in my case let'

Nov 12

Always up to something new!
Hello, my butterflies, It's November can you even believe how fast this year has gone by. Its b

Nov 11

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Meaningful Movement. A conversation with a Yoga instructor
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Oct 17

Meaningful Movement. A conversation with a Yoga instructor

Melissa Reynolds is a busy, health-focused, yogi, blogging, mama of four young boys. For nearly a decade she has shared her journey to better wellness despite chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia on the blog www.melissavsfibromyalgia.com. It is her mission to share yoga, pain, and fatigue management tools for those who are busy, overwhelmed, living with chronic pain and fatigue, and more. Melissa Reynolds is a CYT 200, CMT 200 with extra training in chair yoga, restorative... more

Oct 17

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