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A few very kind people have asked if they can buy me a coffee / beer to support the work on my blog (wildwalkinguk). So here's the way you can donate a pound or two if you would like to. No obligation at all, and thank you for reading. Mark. 

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Good read, so your 1 failure was the hot lemon pudding well done.

Graham Crewe
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once again another great read. I'll share it to others in my hiking group here in Austria - maybe a few more virtual coffees will find their way to you.

Hi Graham - thank you so much for your support! That is extremely generous of you. Thanks also for offering to share the post with your hiking group. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, and it makes the work on the blog worthwhile. Best wishes, Mark and Emma 

12 likes so far and someone thinks they might have seen a documentary about you...but I’m not convinced!

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really good gear info and fun reports

Hello - thank you so much! We really appreciate your donation to the site, and so glad to hear you've enjoyed reading the posts. With best wishes, Mark and Emma