Buy BwE a coffee


Hello! I am BwE, I create software for validating the semi-encrypted firmware on the PS3, PS4 and now PS5. My most popular program is the BwE PS4 NOR Validator which is used by thousands of console repairers all across the world. I made this software with the help of the psdevwiki because I felt that there needs to be more clarity behind system errors.

My software validates the entire flash memory of the console and gives an output of thousands of individual checks in a basic easy to read format. I am happy to say my software has helped recover previously unrepairable consoles and has given a better understanding of the overall repairability of the PS4.

I have been doing this sort of thing since 2008, but I am getting more and more busy recently with my PhD and other commitments. If you want to help support my software or just support me in general I would greatly appreciate it. If you yourself need support I have created a discord called the Console Repair Discord (CRD) which I hope will answer some of your questions!