All coffees will be properly compensated when I can afford to fix my tablet

Currently, I cannot do commissions. If you buy my coffees and want art, you WILL be properly compensated when my computer is fixed. It's also a tablet, so I need it in order to make digital art. If you would like me to make and mail you a painting or ink drawing, please say so in the message box. Paintings will cost more, ink is uncolored.

Thank you for your support! 

1 coffee = small lineart / icon

3 coffees = chest up, colored

5 coffees = full figure, colored

more? I'll add more detail, a background, heck even another figure, depending on your donation! :-)

no genitals, no furries, bad at drawing animals but i'll give it a shot if that's what you're set on!

I love you! Stay hydrated! Tip your waitresses!

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hope everything gets sorted soon bud! 

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hey bud i hope yr move goes well!

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Keep doing what ur doing!

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