WANDERLUST – A Collection Set Entirely in Europe and UK.

THE MAZEBRIGHT FAMILY is the one at the core of the Wanderlust Collection! An adventure into their lives here on Earth in the heart of Scotland in a vast land which they've inhabited since the early 1990s. Skyler MazeBright was the reason they came to this empty forest and where they created StarFall Manor, their home away from home.

Through the many pages within their collection of journals, diaries, letters and more, you'll discover their lives through the centuries. A historical record of wars above and below, their struggles to survive but to ultimately hide their origins and most importantly, the secrets of their nature, and of course, to live in Peace!

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BOOK1 / BIRTHRIGHT SYNOPSIS: Skyler’s Mother is a Witch and her Father is a Vampire. A ‘Divine Decree’ looms in Skyler’s future. The position of seventh child and only daughter within this blended race is what had been foretold aeons ago… Her Family’s arrival, on Earth in the 15th Century, activated said ‘Decree’. It was guarded on Blood Island anchored to Planet Sangre within the Meridian Galaxy and found inside Quartz Castle but Autumn (Skyler’s Mother) retrieved the Scrolls and hid them away… 1990… Horsebridge, Scotland… Skyler’s adventures begin. Upon her 20th birthday, Skyler MazeBright will discover her Mother’s Journals and how to claim her Birthright!

BOOK2 / FORESIGHT SYNOPSIS: Finally, they get into the ancient secret… ‘Enigma Gardens’ belonging to her Mother, Autumn. This garden is full of Magic and Witchcraft. Think of anything you want or desire and the garden will provide. Aethereal Bodies exist in this plane and all their energies will help Skyler and Callen’s adventures within its realm. Then the long awaited conclusion, the ‘Ultimate Battle’. Skyler’s Ascension is complete and the final steps are to bring eternal Peace to the Citizens of Meridian Galaxy, wherever they may be in our Galaxy. On Earth or in Space… As Above, So Below!

BOOK3 / CHARISMA SYNOPSIS: Hail to the enchantments across aeons… Yes, the romance of it all… Within the Journals of Lady Autumn MazeBright, Skyler’s Mother and of course my Ancestor as well, I found a rolled up Parchment addressed to me… I suspect Skyler contacted her Mother after finding the lot and they discussed how to let me know. As there was a very long letter penned by her Mother, Autumn MazeBright on Parchment included with the remaining Journals. Nothing else to say, is there? How everyone came together and found eternal love… A Genealogy of Love, a blended species!

BOOK4 / SEDUCTION SYNOPSIS: Various Citizens of Meridian Galaxy and Ancestors of The MazeBright Family Tree have adventures of their own in the not so distant past. Some believed themselves Royals but in the end their behaviour proved otherwise. Then after they encounter Earth’s two major conflicts, Humans joined the ranks of the Supernaturals and finally, the ones who had been lost are reunited. Sometimes, we hear from missing loved ones. However, we just have the names and very little information as nothing has been surveyed since the ‘Ultimate Battle’. Unfortunately, many perished and their stories remain unknown, lost forever!