• Corpulate ladder climber- the trod-upon necks of expendables still ache with your shoe print.The gilded great be Damned. Disinclined to atone. Bound by chains of malcontent- among it’s links: malice, mistakes, hate and regret. 

    Regret is a keyless lock.

    Remorse, the secret password.

    Honest, humble, heart-heavy human- you invite absolution.

    Do not dislocate your arms to reach the ungraspable cloud. No person dies stainless- still.  Exculpate me with your ritual lavage. The suds of deliverance sting skin and soul.

    Penance-pregnant pleas beg pardon feverishly from forces unseen. Give yourself a gift. A simplicity wrapped in ornate paper. Tear-in- to find Mercy. Forgive you first.

    Redemption resides summit-side, upon acclivity steep. Where here dovetails with there, scales tip- this way, or that- weighing your sincerity.

    Should audience be granted, with what it is you seek, look around. You’ll find yourself  solitary. Alone. No one can save another from themselves.

    Continue ascent. If tendrilled guilt wraps itself tentacle-tight around your feet, kick it asunder. Guilt does not deserve mercy. Cast aside endless “what if’s”- they’ll be too heavy to climb with. Self-doubt of your deservance is of no service- an impediment to impulsion- let it go. Let it go. Let it fall where it may. Release your fist, so tightly clenched. What you grip so tightly to, grips as tightly, onto you. Full hands can not hold keys.

    Repentance to my future self: I’m sorry for the burdens, I’m sorry for the hurting. Emancipation will find you, my  sweet, sad,  lost Love.

    Recall Remorse- assured access to that which you so fervently desire. Unlock the door. Leave self-hatred draped upon a chair, it won’t help you on your journey. Toward freedom. Into the intangible arms- of Redemption.