A house near Lainlyn, formerly Tava's Blessing, where the Alik'r Desert meets the Dragontail Mountains, and the coast of the Iliac Bay

The front door to the house was opened from within and a person emerged into the courtyard.

"He-llooo!" said Aranwen, to her host. "What are you called, again?"

"Cyrus." said the host.
"Oh, like the famous one?" Aranwen demanded. "The pirate with the Restless Leg?"

"Yes, like the famous one! With the Restless League." said Cyrus, rather irritably. "What do you need now?"

"There is..." Aranwen's eyes swivelled in moderate terror. "a terrible gurgling and pfshing noise, and I am so worried it is coming from somewhere in the house."

"It is the Falls of Vulnim, Aranwen, as it was yesterday, and as it was the day before that, and even two days before that. It was the Falls of Vulnim four hours ago, as well."

"Well, now I do feel silly. Thank you for explaining it so expertly, Cyrus. Not the Pirate Cyrus."

"I would still like to speak to your commanding officer."

"Well, so you say. But you'll regret your presumptuous request. My commander is a raging volcano, tormented by... well, she won't be happy."

"I'll promise you that much." said Aranwen, flouncing back across the courtyard. The front door opened. Aranwen disappeared into the unlit corridors. The front door closed again.

The Redguards waited. The front door opened again.

Ah! Thought Cyrus. Finally, I will have some answers to my questions.

"Aralina, yes?" said Cyrus. "I have some questions about your soldier called Aranwen."

"This is a preposterous accusation! We have done nothing of the sort! We sent her with no such intention!" cried Aralina.

"Is it not enough that we languish under guard, forbidden from carrying more than three weapons each, that our so-called hosts must denounce our motives in such hurtful and offensive style? Can there not be civility between our peoples, if even a binding treaty cannot be assurance of peace?"

"But, I have made no accusation, despite the peculiar behaviour of your entire party throughout your stay."

"How dare you heap mistrust upon the intent of the Thalmor! We have been nothing but courteous and lenient guests! The Second Archivist will hear of this!"

"I would like to speak to the Second Archivist." said Cyrus.

"I am appalled by your impudence! The Second Archivist will be furious! She is a person of dignity and immaculate repute and she is not accustomed to such vulgar mistrust!"

"Do not be afraid, Second Archivist, Agents, Secretaries and Librarians, and Other Human, there has been no breach in security and the house is not under attack." said Aralina, in the house.

"This villainous human has demanded an audience with the Second Archivist in order to raise frivolous concerns and hurl doubt at our sincerity."

"I am very sad to hear it." said Second Archivist Eldaline. "Why don't you join us for dinner, Cyrus?"

"The Redguard is called Cyrus." Aranwen explained to Archivist Halthir.
"Like the famous pirate?" said Archivist Halthir.
"Ha, ha." said Skavild, the library assistant.

"Come along, Cyrus." said Eldaline. "Please, take a seat, and explain to us your suspicions."