I'm sitting here typing and my wife is sitting here watching a Hallmark movie. The pets are in various statess of asleep and it's storming outside. Just another beautiful night.
This is sort of an introduction, a "get to know you" moment if you will. So who am I? What do I have to offer?
I'm a 40+ white male author. I've had a few shorts published on a podcast, but so far nothing else. But I have 3 different novels currently in progress and plans in place for at least a half dozen more. This doesn't even count the short stories and flash fictions I either have completed or am in the process of writing.
Basically, I love to write and I hope you love to read. I hear you asking, what do I write/ That's simple. Basically everything. I tend to prefer science fiction and fantasy, but I have some slice of life and a couple horror pieces.
I hope to see you next time, and I hope you enjoy what I provide.