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Hey 👋, you can now buy me a coffee!

I'm sure you don't need another good reason to support me but I would like you to remember that it's about the journey not the destination and you can help me with that journey.

I know I am just one of many people asking for your support but it is important for you to understand that I do like coffee more than most.

Rest assured that I am maintaining my passionate dislike of Twitter so your support will help ensure I do not succumb to tweeting any time soon inspite of this site's best efforts to encourage me to do so.

Here are links to some of the sites I use :

My blog

Our Image nation

ClickaSnap, photo storage & paid views

Gurushots, photography challenges

Strava, because allegedly in makes me fitter


Goodreads book reviews

My Alamy portfolio

Flickr photos

500px photography site

Facebook, of course, how would we cope without the noise

My Facebook Page for photos / links to photos

Instagram, because it seems we have to

Twitter, if you haven't found a way to communicate yet then here is another one

and if you're still here, tumblr