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Hello Everyone👋👋. 

WELCOME to my YouTube Channel I have launched. After a period with testing BETA 1.0, from September 2021 untill February 2022, I will now start to stream regularly on this channel.

The channel name is: CSLive - Teach people about new tech by keeping it simple.

I will both to present videos and Live Streaming on the channel. There will also be things I will make with others and I hope you all will find this interesting and you will hit the Like button and Subscribe button on the channel page🙏

You can support the channel finacially here on Buy Me a coffee. This is a step on my way to make myself a living as an entrepreneur, using social media and YouTube with a web site connected to it. My goal is to reach the possibility to make Memberships and Superchat on YouTubes Partnerprogram called YPP.

Come and help me with building a community, where we can learn things, ask questions and most important have fun. I want to make this community  a safe place for everyone who are in the chat. People can talk to each other, help each other and me in a positive place with happy people where all are treating each other with respect and in a positive happy tone.

I will try to sort any kind of negativity and trolls out of the community and chat. All members and people in the chat should feel welcome and safe here. That is very important.

Are you ready? 😀👍

Please come and join us from all parts of the world. 😊😀🙏 

Please note that this will be an ongoing process while moving forward.