I think when someone shows anger or rage to you the most wise response is to keep your calm and smile, you should not let affect you in any way. At the moment I am living in a tent and I was trying to get a free staying within an hostel in London, for the first hostel I asked I was not allowed even to have a shower, today I had to try again since I have meet 2 persons from a hostel where I used to stay, for me that was the sign to go to try there. When I was there, I had to say something that will give me a hope, and I was saying that I’m the owner of the building to a guy outside, still in London is not a big deal, then three guys went out to the front door and one of them felt diminished by what I was discussing with one of them, I know he is doing gym and it’s in good shape still that is not a good reason to show rage to people. By the way he is working out there, which I think is bad for the hostel image. I was feeling his rage on my face, I think he tried to imagine some sort of physical assault which didn’t happened because I didn’t respond to his rage. Then I left, and now telling you this because I think you need to know if you are planning to go to that hostel.