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Aloha! I'm a traveling artist, hiker, seamstress, and hula hooper who loves to wake up outdoors on fresh mornings and dance my heart away under Jupiter and the stars at night.

Between teaching and making art in my own studio, I've always got my next trip on the horizon to look forward to and share with my audience. You can be sure nature, interesting architecture and historical sites, as well as plenty of local art and music, are all things I'm constantly seeking out and sharing with my online supporters. 

By being so generous with a lil tip you are helping me go on more adventures to create more delightful pics and wonderous videos both on Instagram and YouTube for you to live vicariously though. I may run on sunshine, mushrooms and veggie burgers, but Vaughn the Adventure Van doesn't, so he says 'thanks for the gas' too!

Thanks for joining me on this wonderful, splendoriffic (and sometimes silly) Earth journey, let's make a beautiful day!😋🌎🌿

Caleigh Bird

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