There is no difference between those who walk and those who don't.  A month later, there was little difference;  One year after another, the gap is obvious and there seems to be no substantial difference.  If you look at it five years apart, it's a huge difference in physical and mental state.  Wait until 10 years later, it may be two different lives.  Therefore, life is like walking, must not slow one step!  

Sanmao said: "the book read more, the appearance of natural change, a lot of time, they may think that many of the books have become fleeting clouds, no memory, in fact, they are still potential temperament, in conversation, in the mind of the boundless, of course, may also show in life and text."  

 The same goes for walking. The path you take never deceives you. Your good health, optimism, and energy will be felt by everyone.  Therefore, either reading or walking, one must be on the way, body or soul.  

 Laziness is a strange thing, it makes you think it is ease, rest, blessing;  But what it really gives you is boredom, ennui, depression;  It deprives you of hope for the future, severs your friendships with others, and makes you increasingly narrow-minded and skeptical of life.  

 Time is strange. It gives you experience, experience and blessing. It also gives you aging, wrinkles and depression.  It robs you of your youthful aspirations and widens the gap between you and the photograph.  You begin to understand that your looks will eventually give way to time.  

 Please do not say: when I have time, can exercise;  When I earn enough money, I will be able to honor my parents.  When I am free, I will be able to accompany you;  When I'm rich, I can do good.  

 Because, by the time we have money, health has gone;  By the time we made enough money, my parents were impatient;  By the time we are truly free, our lover has already left;  By the time we have developed, the mindset has changed.  Fitness, filial piety, companionship, good deeds, at any time, no need to wait!  

 Walking is the focus on self-improvement, speed and distance is only the surface, more important is to exercise people's willpower, self-control, endurance, self-confidence, express a kind of indomitable attitude towards life.  Walking, is your lifelong friend, is also your lifetime wealth!  

 In life and work, don't bow to everyone, don't complain to everyone, others will be others, few people really take your wound as their own pain.  Their choice of road to go forward, again bitter again tired also don't stop.  All you have to do in your life is work hard, exercise, and live your life with peace of mind.  

 Finally, please remember: do things when you are awake, walk when you are confused, rest when you are angry, and think when you are alone. Time will carve traces of effort on you!  


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