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My name is Cross. I have been a tabletop gamer for 43+ years, & a roleplayer for all but 2 of those. I've been building gaming terrain, off and on, for 35+. In addition, I have been a game designer, LARPer, costumier, model builder & painter, CosPlayer, carpenter, & general crafter. My mix of materials & techniques may be novel, but it is tried & true, & works well with more traditional styles. My goal is to provide clear knowledge so you can craft simply, elegantly, and inexpensively.

My vision statement is "Crafting Inspiration". I hope this channel, & my part in it, inspires people, maybe you, to give crafting tabletop gaming terrain a go. Whether you build something you've been wanting to for awhile, or turn in a new direction, it is my dream for you to take that leap.

Please, enjoy my channel. I'm sure your creativity will be sparked.