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Hi, I’m Miss Candid,

I’m a mature woman who lives in the UK. I’ve been wearing tights and stockings from a young age and still wear them daily for work and going out. When I wear tights and stockings they make me feel so elegant and feminine and make any look classy and sophisticated. I love fashion and pair gorgeous tights with classy dresses, skirts and heels.

I enjoy sharing a little glimpse into my life on social media and I'm often sharing candid pictures of me at home, work and out for the evening, where I’ll be giving you a sneaky glance as my legs and feet in tights and dangling the sexiest of shoes.

You can support me by buying me a coffee, although I’d probably spend the money on stocking up my tights draw 😉. 

Thanks for your support, love Miss C ❤️.

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