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🎀Hello!!!My name is Candii🎀

I am super excited about continuing making content! My dream is to post and stream everyday, hope that I get to the point  where I can make this my livelihood since cosplay and video games are my passions. I would say that my biggest strength is that  I can look innocent, cute, sexy and all at once! I am super friendly and understanding and I love talking and seeing what people want to see. Their opinion as well as their kinks are very important to me. 

My goal is to make everyone happy! I I work, study and I try to do everything I can. Yes, I sleep well(lies,lol). Honestly, just have a good time if you have any suggestion or questions ask me, don’t be afraid of requesting things. I don’t do nudity, however I can get very 🌶!

Here you will get to see content the moment you donate your first pizza! 

Just write to me if you have any concerns, I love people that are honest and support me. 

If you want custom content this is the steps you need to follow: 

1) Buy Pizzas for the amount that your custom content is worth.

2)Send me a private message when you buy the pizzas in the support area with information on what you would like to see on it. 

3)Please allow 2-5 business days for the request to be executed. 

4) Enjoy and come back !!! 😘

All of this is separate from the membership: 

💕Custom videos lewd not nude (7 mins) : 4 pizzas 

💕Custom lewd photoset (20 photos): 8 pizzas 

💕Custom Cosplay photosets (40 photos): 16 pizzas 

💕Feet content will be one pizza cheaper. Please specify that is for that.