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Hi guys ! I'm a 3D printed planes designer. My planes are the most printed in the world, since before sharing, I test them in advance. Please, help me to continue development !

These are just some of my RC 3D printed planes

Picture of a GASB One-Picture of a GASB Two-Picture of a GASB Three

If you like, please consider buying me a coffee! 

Your donation will support my projects, I will use it to pay for consumables to offer you always fully tested and continuously developing items. Thank you for your support!

Buying me a coffee, you will have the possibility to download many exclusive contents, like:

  • the GASB Two's parts to use an outrunner motor with a standard propeller
  • the GASB Two's parts to install the mod for mobile canard
  • the GASB Two's parts to install the FPV camera
  • the GASB One's winglet customized with your name (leave email and name to print)
  • all my complete RC planes models and many other things
  • detailed manuals
  • The GASB Three in world premiere !!!

My supporters will be able to download all my contents even the future ones !!!

Please, keep me caffeinated !

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Love your designs!

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