I would like to invite you to a new phase in KiPranaYoga. 

When I first decided to share my practice online at the beginning of the pandemic, I thought it would only last for a few months. However I have been amazed and delighted at how well this has been received and I have truly enjoyed teaching you. 
If you feel you are benefitting from the classes and would like to continue this exchange of energy;
Just pay me the price of a coffee (£3-£4) to take a class. 
If you want to take more than 1 class a week, then you can pay a fixed amount of £20 per month. (3 classes weekly. 2 in English. 1 in Spanish.)
Payment is via PayPal.

If you wish to deepen your practice & have a private session (one to one) please send me a message and I will arrange a time and class personalised to your specific needs.

Let’s keep working together, elevate our personal energy so we can elevate it collectively.

With love and gratitude,