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Hello - thank you for visiting.

I am a UK singer-songwriter, recording artist and touring musician.

My passion is to connect people together through music and to create intimate settings to bring us deeper into the heart.

Thank you so much for supporting what I do :)

Christophe Patureau mirand
Christophe Patureau mirand bought a hot chocolate.
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Thanks so much for your generosity. Blessings to your winter days ✨

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Thank you so much for your beautiful music and insights at our Weleda Conference. Wishing you many blessings 

Thank you Rachael. It was such a pleasure to be there & join you all and the beautiful wisdom you are sharing ✨

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Thank you for your beautiful music at our Weleda Gathering xxxxx

Thank you Hazel ✨🌺

Christophe Patureau Mirand
Christophe Patureau Mirand bought a hot chocolate.