Every year, content creators who have not performed well during the current year look for a solution to diversify their investment portfolio. And for bloggers and regular writers, it’s no different.

Diversifying the investment portfolio is the biggest advice that investors make and advise because it gives a greater performance at the end of the year.

Finding several places to monetize your writing is the best way to increase your income and grow as a writer in several places at once. It also helps build a very powerful audience.

I am used to building organic traffic. I don’t cater too much to paid traffic because they’re click-through. I love the emotional, I love to get into the mind of the reader, the viewer, and the listener and make him travel without leaving where he is.

So today I want to introduce you to some places for you to start monetizing your writing in 2021 and to diversify your writing in several places.

Even before presenting you the platforms where you can earn money with your writing, let him tell you that you must keep in mind that every success requires work. If you want to get along in 2021, start preparing a good sketch to start working hard.

Let’s go then.

1 — Google AdSense

I’ve been working with AdSense since 2016 and most of my online income came from it through Youtube and the blog. Today I use AdSense only through Youtube because I closed my blog in May this year.

There are two ways you can monetize your writing through AdSense. First, you can choose to create your personal blog to start sharing everything you love through your blog and win with ads posted on your blog through AdSense. In case you don’t want or didn’t know how to create a blog, you can watch several free videos on Youtube showing how to start with a blog, in case you don’t want to do it yet, then choose to write on Hubpages that I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

The second way to monetize your writing is to do it as I do. Do you know your stories that you are eager to share with an audience and make money with those stories? You can turn them into podcasts or motivational videos and post them on Youtube or podcast sales platform and then start making money with that content. Writing is not only monetized in the form of reading but also in the form of video or audio. Always know how to innovate.

2 — Hubpages

I’m talking about Hubpages right away so as not to be there in the end and shuffle your mind because Hubpages pays through AdSense and PayPal.

Hubpages is a platform where you can start writing and monetize your writing right on the first day of entry, passing only in a content approval process, after approval you will be able to start earning money through ads in your stories or the famous hubs.

Inside Hubpages, you have two-three types of features to make money with your story. Once you open the account on the platform, you will enable how the ads in your stories will look like. And the options for ads are AdSense. Once you choose this option you need to have an AdSense account to be linked and enable the ads by AdSense. Amazon, there is an option to make your story monetize through ads coming from Amazon, many use this option say it is very good, I use AdSense. And the third option the internal ads, there is the option of internal ads coming from the platform itself and allow you to win with your stories, the internal ads are not necessary to be selected they are automatic.

3 — Vocal Media

Copy of the Medium but not a tailor-made competitor. Vocal Media is 75% similar to Medium but not a competitor as such. For this platform, I won’t talk much because I’ve already written a couple of times and I’ll leave the link of the story that talks about it here below. If you are a persistent and consistent person in everything you do, you are capable of getting along with the Vocal.

Meet the Vocal Media writer platform?

4 — News Break

The latest platform that is making a fuss behind the scenes, most writers even important writers say it is exactly Medium’s rival platform and is coming on quite strong. For you to start writing on this platform you need to apply for an account, if you are approved you will then start the journey as a writer and if you have gained 500 followers and 500 readers in the same month you take $1000 home. That’s exactly what you just read.

News Break is bringing an innovative way to connect the real news based on everything that happens within the United States of America. I believe this platform will be the most promising and most coveted among writers in 2021 and today to enter is not so easy because it requires 5 to 7 working days.

5 — Substack

Substack is the platform that has carried a good number of Medium writers both amateurs and professional writers. Being a paid email newsletter platform with an innovative system, it would be one of the great options for you to start creating a loyal audience of your shared web content.

Why should I start writing on Substack?

6 — Patreon

Patreon is not simply a platform for creators of video or audio content, you can start distributing an audience with your writing and much more. It is already one of the platforms that support thousands of creators from all over the world, nothing better than to start creating content through this platform with lakes packages being rewarded right from your fans.

7 — Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is a dedicated donation platform for content creators who wish to survive specifically from content creation. On the platform once there, you can get content consumers to help you with a value from $1. If you write on the platform and readers like it, they can reward you immediately, remembering that you can also make promotions of your products through affiliate links directly within the platform.

8 — Convertkit

This may seem like the biggest crazy thing I’ve ever recommended. But as I make money with Convertkit I want to recommend this platform to you.

I consider Convertkit the best platform to create an email marketing list. It is not a platform that pays for writers, but it does have an affiliate program where creators can apply for and promote the platform and earn commissions from products within the platform. But the option I want to recommend for you to start in 2021 is to create a paid email list through Convertkit as I did. I have created an email list to teach my dedicated students and share specific content, and I receive $2 monthly or $24 yearly from loyal followers. You can do this in your location if you have a good organic audience.

9 — Medium

How not to talk about Medium. I practically married Medium. I put Medium at the end because among all these options I recommended Medium to you in the first place because it is the place on the web where you enter today and tomorrow you can have $0.01 or more in your account.

Medium is the platform with the simplest partner program in the world and the easiest to earn money. Unfortunately, if you are reading through a Google search and have not yet signed up for Medium, you need to be an American or live in the countries listed below to start earning money with Medium’s partner program.

In conclusion:

If you’ve already lost this year without doing anything, or you’ve done all you can but haven’t had the success you wanted, diversify your income sources, don’t depend on a platform ever. Look for places to start growing as a writer, especially start a channel on Youtube, this will help your way of acting in the digital world and build a much more consistent audience.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you in 2021 with a lot of energy.