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Catherine Bohart, a comedian and writer. Out of work and stuck in lockdown!

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Hi there, 

I've just had to cancel all of my work (a tour, live gigs etc.) for the foreseeable due to Covid-19. 

While the government is seeking to support self-employed people, their efforts to do so won't be available until June. 

My aim is to keep making and putting out content that I hope you'll enjoy and to use this time to write my new show. 

If you're a fan or you were going to come and see me over the next few months and have some change to spare then please buy me a coffee but no pressure if not! 

We are all doing our best and I hope you and yours are safe and well xx

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Love you gals

Denny bought 10 coffees.

Hey Catherine - thank you for being an all-round awesome badass lady who makes me love comedy (and also teaches me the odd rude word). Really looking forward to the next show. It will happen. 

Thank you so so much! This means a lot right now! 

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Margate 😉 

Thank you!!!

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Stay safe stay agile x

Thank you! x 

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Looking forward to seeing you when you are out on tour again.