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Catherine Bohart, a comedian and writer. Out of work and stuck in lockdown!

Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

Hi there, 

I've just had to cancel all of my work (a tour, live gigs etc.) for the foreseeable due to Covid-19. 

While the government is seeking to support self-employed people, their efforts to do so haven't been sufficient to make up for even half the work I and my partner have lost (she's also a comic!). 

My aim is to keep making and putting out content that I hope you'll enjoy and to use this time to write my new show. 

If you're a fan or you were going to come and see me over the next few months and have some change to spare then please buy me a coffee but no pressure if not! 

We are all doing our best and I hope you and yours are safe and well xx

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Enjoying Gigless from Melbourne, where we have just come out of lockdown.  Hope you get to open up more soon. 

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Thank you so much x 

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Thank you Baldie! See you tonight! x

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