Up to now my research has covered Eugenics, Social Engineering, Tranhumanism and MKULTRA and especially how all that played out in the UK. As I researched my own life it became clear that there had been more intervention that yer average Joe simply because I was a twin and part of what I now know to have been a eugenically insprired survey. Because we had received more intervention and monitoring than the majority in the survey, by researching my own life I was able to uncover some of the machinations of the agenda (basically and ultimately the path of the NWO and the mess that is now happening) in specific details that Brits could more closely relate to.

My work in this respect is available via some articles on my wordpress blog and more so in my presentations and interviews which were filmed and have been uploaded to my youtube channel. I'm working on getting them onto other platforms and I'll put all the links at the bottom of this article.

My research is about to move into a different but related subject area and a broader view of world history that the WW2 and cold war eras I have mainly focused on up to now. When researching those times I could draw on recent family history to glimpse what was really happening. I could relate directly to the programs, propaganda and distractions of the social engineers through my own direct experiences. The video below is a good summary of this part of my research.

Now this is about to naturally progress into a far wider approach to hidden history although I will still be working from the perspective of England, Britain and the UK until it naturally encompasses other countries via the commonwealth and the rampaging colonisation that occurred. The obvious false hoods will bring me to myths and legends, ancient Greece, Romans, Druids and so on as I examine the ancient texts and historic literature and broadly piece together an alternative explanation.

In the meantime I have turned up some remarkable additions to the research of my own life that I will publish under the title of Loose Ends while I'm grazing in these new pastures and you can look forward to some great new sh*t.

Yours in solidarity, sovereignty and unity

Cathi Morgan

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Groundbreaking New Evidence in UK Mind Control