Robert Maxwell's  sponsorship of the National Child Development surveys in the UK, for many years is concerning to me, considering that the surveys gathered the most thorough and intimate details of the psychological, medical and social profiles of tens of thousands of children throughout their lives. If this information was to fall into the wrong hands vulnerable children could be identified and accessed.

In the early 80s Maxwell attended and donated to a fundraiser for the International Centre for Child Studies, closely linked to the Birth Cohort Studies.  It was to be based at La Jolla Hospital. (see footnote). Patrons who attender the fundraiser included Henry Kissinger, Mrs Thatcher, Cliff Richard, Roald Dahl.  His companies, Pergamon and later the Mirror Group were listed as a major sponsor for the 1970's Birth Cohort Study for many years

Facts point to Pergamon having been a front for MI6 and other powerful organisations from the start and brought about massive changes to the direction of academia. 
Organisations represented during in the setting up of Butterworth Springer include British Intelligence, the Vatican , the Royal Society, the Board of Trade, ICI, the British Cabinet Office and members who went on to found Cern.  The scientific advisory Council appointed for the purpose included the leading scientists working on Tube Alloys

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Maxwell was appointed first managing director at this time.  Prior to this he had been involved with setting up the compamy Lange Maxwell Springer.  

Ruth Lange, and employee of SV was married to Paul Rosabaud and her sister Hilde was his mistress. 

"Hilde Benjamin,(Hildegarde Frank) became the Minister of Justice for East Germany and authorized the building of the Berlin Wall. She dispensed harsh justice to those who attempted to cross it and became known as Rote Hilde, Red Hilde. It is she who was the model for the president of the tribunal that tried the spy who came in from the cold, in John le Carré’s novel of that name. The woman who had opposed the tyranny of Adolf Hitler sentenced 146 people to death, 356 to life imprisonment, and more than 24,000 to a total of 116,476 years of penal servitude (Kramish, op.cit.)" (pages 20-22)

Maxwell seems to have been key in spreading the cultural changes planned by the powers that be, and was involved in  government sponsored TV Programming.  In 1965 Maxwell worked with Lady Robinson to produce numerous episodes of a cartoon Dodo the Kid from Outer Space which promoted scientism.  It was Sir and Lady Robinson who had mentored Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker!

I should also mention that Wallace Akers head of Tube Alloys and ICI, helped set up Maxwell at Butterworth Springer.  He was head of ICI Research Department when funding was provided to the Institute for Child Health in 1951. The Institute was closely linked with the Surveys. 

In 1958 the chairman of the Institute management committee  was William Astor III (Listed in Epsteins book, who was also linked to Profumo affair).  After Neville Butler started the ICCS,eliciting funding from the celebratories - Cliff Richard, Kissinger etc  the surveys became based there but the two organisations remained intertwined. 
Maxwell's Pergamon was also linked to publishing ALL of the MKULTRA symposiums. 

The Butterworth Springer / Pergamon setup allowed Maxwell  (for his masters)  to select who would be in charge of the new journals in every area of science and medicine. I have a transcript where establishment Psychologists recall how they attended "wild parties at Headington Hall" (Maxwell's home in Oxford) whilst negotiating setting up their journal with Maxwell.

For example Hans Eysenck (who worked under MKULTRA) was made the editor of the newly formed Journal of Behavioural Research and Therapy.

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NB update 2021 The Netflix documentary Three Identical Strangers concluded that the covert research conducted on the triplets was based at the same La Jolla Hospital

Headington Hall next to Oxford University, Tower of the Winds etc. Maxwell held "wild parties" there for the journal editors. He renovated the stain glass window using himself as the model for Samson at the Gates of Gaza

The original Victorian stained-glass window on the stairs, showing Samson at the gates of Gaza, was damaged during the war, and was replaced by the Maxwells. The new window (left), created by the Israeli sculptor and ceramicist Nehemia Azaz, is believed to depict Robert Maxwell himself as Samson. He has around his neck a large pendant, which is supposed to depict the head of Penelope and to indicate that behind every successful man there is a strong female presence. (This seems rather odd, in view of the damage Delilah did to Samson, and the fact that Penelope is a figure from Greek myth, not the Old Testament….)