Hello dear friends

Between 2010 and 2017 I gave numerous conference talks and interviews in which I shared my research into MKULTRA and the UK, Covert Eugenics, Abuses of Power, my own background and much more. However I haven't published any research since 2017 nor have I explained why so I would like to do that here and now.

In 2014 I moved to Ireland to be close to my daughter who is an amazing and fiercely independent spirit despite having cerebral palsy. Unforseen problems arose after leaving England and long story short, gradually worsened as I couldn't afford dental care or eye glasses for a long time. By 2017 my glasses were lost, my vision was no longer good enough to research and my dental problems had reached crisis point, not just affecting my speech and appearance but also stopping me from eating!

Thank goodness I've been able to have those problems fixed now and although my equipment is old, I'm in a position to share my research once again. Yay!

I am saving to buy equipment for livestreaming and hoping to raise funds for it through voluntary donations. For now I can record reasonable audio on a sony voice recorder that I inherited and take great photographs on an old Nikon DSLR that has been kindly donated to me. I've also been gifted an old sony laptop that I can use to add photographs and srceen shots to my recorded reports and podcasts.

I absolutely adore the area where I live which is a beautiful and wild peninsula surrounded by beaches and mountains and I've made some very good friends so all in all the ordeal was definately worth it!

I'm in the process right now of tracking down as many of my past interviews and conference presentations as I can and I'm uploading them to youtube so they can be migrated to a safer platform. They can be found here at my youtube channel

Cheers m'dears