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Welcome everyone and thank you for stopping by!

I'm Natascha, a Catlady of 5 cats. My husband, originally from the UK, and I are living in Austria, where I was born.

I'm publishing posts about the cats, our life and I document what's going on around us and share thoughts on various things in society and the world. After a long absence online during the last two years, I'm now starting over from the beginning.

The last year was especially difficult and made us realise that we will have to move to another country, as living here is becoming unsustainable with the little income we have. The prices here were always quite high, but now it's completely out of control. Though the prices are only one of the many reasons why we can't see a future here anymore.

It's going to take quite a long time until we will be able to save enough to make this happen. Follow along, with me and the cats Hero, Lisa, Leo, Lilly and little Sonic!

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