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Lockdown - Now Sonic's urn has to come in a parcel and more
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Nov 15

Hero having fun with our drawers
Hero loves to open drawers. I finally had my phone ready to record him. Often, I found all the drawe

Nov 07

Our beloved Sonic passed away
Beloved Sonic passed away at 2:10am on October 27, 2021.He was one strong boy, never gave up and kep

Nov 03

Just a little note

Jun 13

Kitchen rolls vs Hero and Lisa
Just a link to one of my recent blog posts about the kitties shenanigans.

May 08

Kitty TV - The Pigeon Chronicles are ongoing
Video also on our Odysee ChannelLisa and Hero are excited, because this time the pigeon is a lot clo

Apr 17

Have a blessed new year! And good riddance 2020!
Senior Kitty boy Sonic snoring away
Sonic – Resilience, tenacity of life and love.
Look at that! Sonic is well enough to go out on the balcony again!
The pigeons are back!