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Hi, my name is Christine Countryman, a self-taught artist for about 5 yearsnow. I am a mother of three beautiful children. Their names are Tatyana, Tyshawn, and Jyrell. My babies have inspired me to turn my passion for art into a business so I can show them that with hard work dreams do come true.
I started drawing as a way to bond with my mother. I bought art supplies for her and me on mother day to start this art journey together. The funny thing is she never started and I never stop; from then on, I just fell in love with art. I didn't know how much I loved it, till I asked myself three questions. What are you going to draw? Why are you drawing it? What are you trying to say? With these questions, I uncovered that I still had unresolved issues within myself that I did not know was still there. 
How can I draw the beauty of African American people if I cannot see the beauty in myself? Am a black woman trying to find herself in a world that says I was ugly, I’m going to be a statistic and no man would love me. Sometimes I believed the lies that were told to me. My mental state from high school up to about 5 years ago was a mess. How can I show the world the beauty of my people if I don't see the beauty in myself? 
I decided to keep going on my art journey of self healing in hopes that my journey would heal others. The only thing that has been clear to me is I want to leave a footprint on this world by showing the world how much I love who I am and how much I love my people. 
I hope you enjoy my work and it helps you, as it continues to help me