Still Training 2004 Original Video

Still Training 2004 - A little bit better quality version.

Still Training - 2004 Hey, it's not Hollywood, but it's a start. To me, “Still”-Training refers to a period of time in my life as well as an animation project I’ve worked on. I also began learning about "Still Photography". Really, the majority of these images were pulled right out of the video itself and only a few were created specifically for this recap. I intended to use “Still”-Training as a means to create a viable final output file (AVI), while gradually learning the techniques required to create such atmospheres and environments. Many different aspects of planning were used to complete the “Still”-Training project. Also a lot of learning did in fact occur. Along the way, my cousin Dave got married and I thought It might be cool to add it in and get them involved. It was definitely a different sort of idea. As the video progresses the viewer (with learning curves in mind) may be able to see the various stages of quality. However once nearing completion, I believe I recognized this gap (beginning to end) and made adjustments to the beginning to bring it up to speed. All in all, to me “Still”-Training was a great success. Throw in the final web-edited still frames and the basic HTML training and you have a bonafide successful project ... My first one. I believe I will always remember this one. Conclusion In conclusion I feel Very Lucky to have completed the “Still”-Training project.