Published: November 2021

My advice to people in general: - Use your life to get prepared to die.


Bill can 'predict' whatever he wants. You don't need a crystal ball to know that death is coming.

(and, I’m sorry atheist elites, your genetricks won’t save you.)

But y'all (clown-world people who would mandate the opinions and behaviour of others) are SCARED of DEATH.


Maybe it's time you focused on the REAL PROBLEM? If you don't sort it out you'll be scared TO death.. scared, scared, scared until.. suddenly, oh! .. DEATH.

D’ya think life would be this much of a fucking clown-show if people weren't such fucking pussies about death? Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead (..for instance) Try and understand your position.

All this PANIC. all this FEAR. all this FIGHTING over 'owning' things. Things that WILL NOT save you from DEATH.

In this world:
DEATH is the King,
FEAR is the government and
PANIC is the economy.


Get used to loss. Practice it. Practice being ok with it. Practice understanding that 'you' and your body are not the same thing - (every cell in your body is replaced every 7 years, 'your' body is not even the same thing it was.. yet 'you' remain).

Sort yourself out. Meditate. Find the source of your being.

It IS available for anyone to find, but you must go within.